C Suite Leadership Development

We provide confidential advisory in a series of intimate, focused discussions and meetings, customized for each client’s needs - business executive to business executive. 

It is a trusted, confidential partnership, predicated on a shared understanding of objectives and deliverables. Where vulnerabilities and concerns can be effectively and privately addressed. 

With a thorough understanding of our clients - and their businesses. 

Conducted with a sense of urgency and accountability for results.

Bringing a uniquely rich perspective and understanding of complex business and people issues - through years of advising CEOs and C Suite executives across a broad spectrum of industries.


  • Expertly diagnosing issues
  • Creatively solving problems
  • Distilling complexity to identify priorities and opportunities
  • Removing obstacles to personal and corporate success
  • Teaching leaders to become inspirational, resilient, and courageous
  • Identifying and addressing personal and business gaps
  • Providing guidance to navigate political and organizational complexities
  • Helping them become confident decision makers
  • Providing insight on managing personal and corporate risk
  • Sharing what other leaders do to be successful


  • Onboarding CEO’s, CEO successors and C-Suite leaders
  • Developing and building leaders
  • Board relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Change and crisis management
  • Restructuring organizations
  • Building strong teams that deliver results
  • Driving operational excellence
  • Innovation management
  • Executive compensation
  • Engagement with key stakeholders: employees, clients, Wall Street, trade
  • Public profile development

Communications And Marketing

Hahn is a leading communications expert in preparing CEOs, senior executives, and politicians for high visibility communications forums - from TV debates and media interviews - to shareholder and employee town hall meetings.

Hahn's training methods, informed by broadcast news expertise, have helped transform hundreds 


  • Debate strategy, panel discussions, and keynotes
  • Shareholder, analyst, board, and employee presentations
  • Messaging , presentation development
  • Voice coaching, media training


  • Vision, mission and values development
  • Branding and positioning strategy
  • Multimedia content and cretive development
  • Web and video production