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Licia Hahn is Executive Producer and Co-Creator of a new podcast on the brain with Host, Dr. Phil Stieg, Chairman of the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief, New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Within 3 months of its launch in April 2019, This Is Your Brain With Dr. Phil Stieg has become a hit with thousands of listeners and is an iTunes “New and Notable” selection in its Science and Medicine category.

Dr. Stieg’s down-to-earth conversations with leading medical experts and patients provide listeners with a better understanding of the human brain in all its wonder and complexity, and how to make the best decisions about living a brain healthy life.

This free podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and other podcast platforms..

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Selected Episodes

iTunes Listener Reviews

Such interesting topics
"This is a great podcast - packed with information and approachable. Guests are all very informative. Especially enjoyed Richard Friedman’s discussion of depression. I encourage everyone to subscribe!"
— ACCareers, 06/14/2019

Added to my short list of favorites
"Absorbing & informative. Great listening. Looking forward the the next episode."
–– GailPetrig, 04/07/2019

Madly in Love
I am madly in love with this podcast. As a romantic divorce lawyer who watches how an all consuming love can transform people’s lives positively, I was completely mesmerized by how Dr. Stieg’s conversation with Dr. Helen Fisher brilliantly translated for a lay people the chemistry of destiny. I can’t wait to hear next podcast…thank you for sharing insights.
–– Jacalyn B, 05/05/2019

Powerful Storytelling
Wow, very moving storytelling and great sound quality!
–– ACCradioheel, 04/03, 2019

Nourishment for the brain!
"Really quite enjoy this podcast. Just listened to the “No More Shaking Hands” episode, and wish I had Dr.Stieg around to ask some follow-up questions! Easy to understand for a layperson like me, invites curiosity on diseases and technologies that I know little about, and allows me to go back to “school” but in a very friendly storytelling format. Thank you for bringing this podcast to us. This is definitely nutrition for the brain!"
–– MTKung, 05/30/2019

New Favorite Podcast
Whether you get your dopamine hits from drama and adventure stories, or thought provoking and reasoned intellectual discourse, this is the podcast for you! With only three episodes under its belt, this Podcast is by far my new favorite. Not only re the guests engaging, bot so is the host, Dr. Stieg. Having an interviewer who is not a generalist, but one of the world’s leading experts in the discipline of neuroscience lends depth, texture to the discussion. Looking forward to more!
–– History JPH, 04/06/2019